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                       Collaborative Planning

The following organizations and individuals have attended one or both of our Canada 150  planning meetings in 2009 or sent their best wishes and asked to be invited to future  meetings. The first meeting was held at the Toronto Convention Centre in April and the second at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel. The Ottawa meeting elected an interim Board of Directors to take the next steps in building the largest history gathering, collaborative project in Canadian history.

These organizations and individuals helped us look at our business plan and offered us their insights and suggestions of how to make this a successful national project. Later in 2010 and 2011 as the national project builds its infrastructure and business model, these organizations, and many others, will be asked to commit more formally through their various boards of directors.

Our goal remains bringing together as many organizations and individuals as possible who represent Canadians of all backgrounds. This is an inclusive, nation-building exercise designed to engage as many people as possible before July 1, 2017.

Organizations and People Who Attended One or Both 2009 Meetings

Arcalife (Vancouver)

Association of Canadian Archivists

Chris Aylott, retired journalist, family historian and OGS Toronto Branch member

Centre for Digital Story Telling (Toronto)

Margaret Conrad, history professor, U of New Brunswick

Canada's History Society (3 senior staff from Winnipeg)

Canadian Legion (Ottawa)

Linda Dawe, family and community historian (Pickering)

Deohaeko Support Network, (Pickering)

Helen Dionne, family and community historian, (Pickering)

Tom Douglas, author (3 books on WW II history, biographies, family historian) and freelance writer (Oakville)

Families magazine, (Toronto)

Charlotte Gray, author, Chair of Canada’s History Society (Ottawa)

Heritage Canada, Celebrations and Commemorations Program, (2 senior staff from Ottawa)

Heritage Memoirs (Uxbridge)

Historica-Dominion Institute (Toronto)

Paul Jones, Family Historian, Past Chair Toronto Branch of OGS, Board Member

House History Research (Toronto)

Library and Archives Canada, Planning and Partnerships, Programs Branch, (Ottawa)

Diane Moore, family genealogist and historian, (Richmond Hill)

Moorshead Magazine (publishers of 4 family history & genealogy magazines) (Toronto)

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies (U of T affiliation)

Older Women’s Network (Toronto)

Ontario Genealogical Society (Toronto)

Ontario Heritage Fairs Association (Kingston)

Tony Patterson, Genealogist and Blogger (Ottawa)

Albert Pinhas, family historian and author of autobiography (North York)

Professional Storykeepers

Professional Writers' Association of Canada (PWAC) (Toronto, Ottawa)

John D Reid, Genealogy blogger (Ottawa)

Scouts Canada (Ottawa)

Michelle Simson, MP office representative (Scarborough)

Peter Taylor, author of the book celebrating Canada’s 125th birthday in 1992 (Oshawa)

James Thomson, researcher, U of Toronto

Toronto Archives

Toronto Public Library, (Canadiana Collection, North York Reference Library)

Toronto Reference Library

Treasury of Family Heritage and International Association of Story Keepers

Harry van Bommel, founder of the Canada 150 Project, (Toronto)

The Writers Union of Canada (Toronto)

Regrets of Those Who Could Not Attend

Salam Alaton, journalist and professor of journalism at Humber College, (Etobicoke)

Margaret E. Aldridge, B.Math,M.Sc.,A.P.,B.Ed.,PLCGS, Genealogical Researcher

Ancestry.ca (Toronto)

Association of Personal Historians Inc (Toronto)

Books in a Nutshell, publisher, Toronto

Cathy Bowden, Family historian, Calgary

Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives (Montreal)

The Centre for Arts—Informed Research, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, U of T: (researchers in Alzheimer’s Disease caregivers and story telling)

Madame Adrienne Clarkson and Mr. John Ralston Saul, (Toronto)

Claudia Cornwall, family historian and instructor

The Digital Channel (Toronto)

Paul Gains, journalist (Cambridge)

Bill Gladstone, family historian (Toronto)

Global Genealogy & History Bookstore (Milton, ON)

Phil Hall, poet (Perth)

Heritage Toronto

Diane Huson, family historian, (Whitby, ON)

Indian and Northern Affairs (Ottawa)

Anne Isenberg, family historian, (North York)

Peg Jenner, former board member, Legacies Inc. (North York)

Jewish Genealogical Society, (Toronto)

Frank Jones, journalist, (Etobicoke)

Christopher Moore, Historian, author (Toronto)

Ontario Heritage Trust

Julie Rak, English Professor, University of Alberta

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society

Sequence Productions, multi-media production company (Toronto)

Ann Silversides, journalist and broadcaster (Perth, ON)

SoundPortraits (Toronto)

Deb Thivierge, family historian, (Washago, ON)

Verterans Affairs (Ottawa)

Upper Canada Genealogy (Toronto)

Gordon Watts (Ottawa)

WEBCOM, printing company, (Toronto)

Interim National Board of Directors

Paul Jones, former publisher of leading magazines (including Maclean’s), director of Canada's History Society and past chair of the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (Toronto)

Deborah Morrison, CEO and President of Canada’s History Society (Winnipeg)

Paul Taylor, President of Arcalife (Vancouver)

Peter Taylor, President of Peter Taylor and Associates (Oshawa)

Harry van Bommel, founder of the Canada 150 project, Executive Director of Legacies Inc. (Toronto)

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