Everyone has a story that their descendants will want to read. Where are your stories?


The boomers and their children have rarely kept diaries, journals, letters or other documents. We may have thousands of photos stored on our computers but we have few documents that tell our stories.

Our parents and grandparents wrote letters because long distance telephone calls were too expensive. They kept diaries and journals because they were not distracted by hundreds of television channels, email and teleconferencing.

You and your parents and children need to record your stories and ensure that they are safely stored forever. Canada 150 is a national project to encourage them to do exactly that in time for our 150th birthday as a nation. By depositing our stories in our national Library and Archives Canada, we will give our families, community and entire country a gift that is invaluable. What a legacy that will be!

Check out the links above to see how you, your parents and your children can participate.

Canada’s National Project to Record our Family and Community Histories

Canada 150 is Canada’s largest history gathering project ever. It is a collaborative effort of organizations and individuals committed to recording Canadian family and community histories as our gift to our country on its 150th birthday--July 1, 2017.

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