Imagine Parliament Hill on July 1, 2017. Amidst the other celebrations all visible on a giant screen, the Governor-General pushes a button that officially launches the world’s largest online collection of the stories of everyday people in all walks of life, all readily searchable by keyword.

Why is this necessary? The boomers and their children have rarely kept diaries, journals, letters or other documents. Canadians communicate by telephone or computer today rather than letters that are saved. We may have thousands of photos stored on our computers but we have few documents that tell our stories.

Our projects will encourage the young to interact with their elders to learn about their pasts. Those in institutions, such as the elderly, will be interviewed about their memories. Aboriginal groups will participate, as will our veterans and their families, community groups and corporations. Everyone’s story will been solicited, regardless of sex or age, racial or religious origin, mother tongue, financial status or physical well-being.
To provide flexibility and reliable infrastructure for this celebration, Canada 150 will sourced rock-solid technology and integrate state-of-the-art archival principles into the design of all programs. The resulting database will be robust, scalable, adaptable, easy to update and a breeze to access. Appropriate measures will safeguard privacy and copyright.
None of this would have happened without Canada 150, a national, not-for-profit group established not only to pursue the mission but also to facilitate the pursuit of the mission by its member organizations.

Check out the links above to see how you, your parents, grandparents and your children can participate.

Canada 150 is Canada’s largest history gathering project ever. It is a highly collaborative effort of organizations and individuals committed to recording Canadian family and community histories as our gift to our country on its 150th birthday -> July 1, 2017.

Check out the founding partners who have committed to help us reach our goal of collecting Canada’s untold stories for Canada Day 2017!

Also check out Canadiana which has agreed to host and maintain our digital collection forever once we help them raise the funds to make that possible.

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the imagiNATION 150 website portal for all projects related to our sesquicentennial.